Katelyn young

UDSST President

Class of 2023

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: “I love baguettes!”

Alyssa politoski

UDSST Vice President

Class of 2023

Major: Nursing; Minor: Physical, Mental, and Disabilities Studies

Hometown: Manhasset, New York

Fun Fact: “I have dimples in my shoulders!”

Nicole Mulea

UDSST Treasurer

Class of 2023

Major: Financial Planning and Economics

Hometown: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Fun Fact: “I played ice hockey in high school!”

Sydney mason

Class of 2023

Major: Media Communications; Minor: Fine Art and Advertising

Hometown: Bellmore, New York

Fun Fact: “I love to paint and I’m very DIY!”

Lexi Quinn

UDSST Secretary

Class of 2024

Major: Health Behavior Science; Minor: Public Health and Medical Social Services

Hometown: Camillus, New York

Fun Fact: “I used to play the cello!”

Hannah Krell

Class of 2024

Major: Economics and Marketing; Minor: Restaurant Management

Hometown: New York City, New York

Fun Fact: “I love to bake and cook!”

Callista Hofeling

Class of 2024

Major: Medical Diagnostics (Pre-Med); Minor: Biological Sciences

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland

Fun Fact: “I am obsessed with the Beatles!”

Annie Hulings

Class of 2024

Major: Criminal Justice and Spanish

Hometown: Middletown, Delaware

Fun Fact: “I love to crochet!”

Sreya Venkatesh

Class of 2024

Major: Cognitive and Computer Science; Minor: Applied Music- Voice

Hometown: Loudoun County, Virginia

Fun Fact: “I dye my hair a different color every semester!”

Sydney Moreno

UDSST Public Relations Chair

Class of 2025

Major: English and Communications (Concentration in Public Relations)

Hometown: Orland Park, Illinois

Fun Fact: “I studied abroad in Greece last year!”

Veronica Bell

UDSST Fundraising Chair

Class of 2025

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Hometown: Canton, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: “I did dance for 15 years!”

Amanda Mack

UDSST Competition Secretary

Class of 2025

Major: Exercise Science; Minor: Strength & Condition

Hometown: Nantucket, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: “Squirrels are my favorite animal!”

Brianna McIntyre

Class of 2025

Major: International Relations and Anthropology

Hometown: Westwood, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: “I work at the rink as a Zamboni driver!”

Riley McGhehey

Class of 2025

Major: Food and Agribusiness: Marketing and Management

Hometown: Wrentham, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: “I studied ASL as a language in high school!”

Gabriela Sanchez

Class of 2025

Major: Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Fallston, Maryland

Fun Fact: “I did competitive taekwondo in high school!”

Elsa Curran

Class of 2025

Major: Communications (Concentration in Public Relations)

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Fun Fact: “I’ve been to six countries other than America!”

Brianna Faulkner

Class of 2025

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Ridgely, Maryland

Fun Fact: “I used to play volleyball!”

Lauren Pinder

Class of 2025

Major: Psychology; Minor: Forensic Science

Hometown: Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: “My favorite color is pink!”

Ari Levin

Class of 2026

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware

Fun Fact: “I’m allergic to rice!”

Amy Gordon

Class of 2026

Major: Human Services (Concentration in Clinical Services)

Hometown: Natick, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: “I’m both an American and Australian citizen!”

Carolyn Williams (CJ)

Class of 2026

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: “I am a hoverboarding enthusiast!”

Claire Pouliot

Class of 2026

Major: Elementary Education; Minor: Disability Studies w/ a Concentration in Special Education

Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia

Fun Fact: “I went to Greece this summer!”

Haley Glazier

Class of 2026

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Fun Fact: “I have a Dalmatian!”

Kate Kowalski

Class of 2026

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: “My last name is Kowalski, just like the penguin!”

Caitlynn Allenson

Class of 2026

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Richmond, Rhode Island

Fun Fact: “I am able to pogo stick!”

Amelia Seydel

(not pictured)

Class of 2026

Major: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Fun Fact: “I can speak German!”